Saturday, April 08, 2006

18 miles today..............

So the tapering started this week, though to be honest, I'm not convinced 18 miles was the right thing to do.

The official schedule stated 18 miles, however, I still think that is a bit far two weeks out from the FLM. That said, I did fail my 22 miler last week so I need that confidence booster.

It was a strange run today, one that I needed to do, but ultimately one I could have done without, as my legs did feel very tired.

Nonetheless I was pleased to do it, and its the last run big one before the big one, as I'll probably only do 10 next weekend.

Only two weeks to go.......

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So now the tapering begins.............

Aww crap...I've not posted for ages, so apologies for that, I just can't get used to the blogging malarkey....

Anyway, whats happened over the last couple of weeks...well the Fleet half marathon went okay. A great run this one, good field, great crowd and nice area. A good and largely flat course too. Seemed to recover quite well from this, where last year I was pretty exhausted for a good 2 or 3 days after. I must be doing something right this time.

Then there was the 20miler two weekends ago. That went fine. I floated through to 13, wobbled through to 15, then felt great through to 18 then the last two were pretty tough. So pleased to complete it though. Really made my weekend.

Then the big wobble this weekend. Scheduled to do 22, but for some reason hit 17 and my legs went. So pissed off. It was a strange run all in. To date all my long runs have been up to and short of Richmond Bridge, this 22 miler required me to do a mile beyond Richmond bridge, and psychologically that hurt. So by mile 15 I was really struggling, when there was no reason why I should. So annoyed.

So the tapering starts now, probably going to do either 16 or 18 this weekend, with some speedwork and a quick 6 during the week.

3 weeks out - it gets exciting now

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Loneliness of the long distance runner, who doesn't blog very often

Okay, two major achievements this week; firstly, I have updated my blog (i know). And second, I have just completed 18 miles.

Now the blog is updated I can blether on about my 18 miler this afternoon.

Went according to plan, completed in a time of 2hrs50mins, which is good, but the last mile was a killer. I was due to do 18 miles last weekend, however, at mile 16 I just stopped. No explanation, I just stopped. Suitably pissed off, there was no way I was going to fail again this week. So off I set at midday, water, lucozade sport (for emergencies - don't rate it but it may become my best friend come April 23rd), gels and SIS cherry energy bar (which at 16 miles tastes like nothing else on earth - lovely).

The route was one that I have pounded many a time, from Hammersmith bridge up to Putney bridge and then the long push down to Richmond lock, then back up to Putney bridge and the finish at Hammersmith bridge. Felt great from miles 1-7, 8 had a bit of a wobble, then felt great from 9-13, then it was up and down thereafter, felt great then weak then great again. Anyhoop, felt great up to Putney on the return leg, then for the last mile I felt like death, really tired, and my legs were just pounding the pavement.

Reached the finish in a suprisingly quick time, I was pretty chuffed not to mention knackered.

So here I am finally at the 18 mile mark. So 20 miles next week, then the Fleet Half marathon, then the big 22.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Right, I'm now back from Turin.......

What an amazing experience the Winter Olympics is. Fantastic! I managed to get two runs in, a 10 miler and a 6 miler. However, I have never trained at altitude before, so running at about 2000 metres above sea level was interesting. It is the oddest feeling to suddenly feel your breathing become very laboured and your legs very heavy, but otherwise feel fine. Very strange.

It was good to get out and run though. It was needed to be fair, as I have the Brighton half-marathon this Sunday. I wonder if the altitude training will help?

we'll see.............

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Its the big one six tomorrow..........

Right then...6 days ago I completed 14 miles, and over the following period, I have not done any running, zilch, nada........therefore my 16 mile attempt tomorrow should be good for a laugh...

On one hand I feel rested but on the other hand I feel rusty in a sense. But to be honest, my feeling at the moment is train to complete the marathon and hit my half-marathon targets...and of course raise the £2k for Terence Higgins *cough*justgivinglinkonrighthandside*cough*

In a funny way I am actually looking forward to going out for 2 hours and pounding the Thames footpath, as I said in earlier posts, its 'me' time, rather selfish but its nice to be able to gather your thoughts after a long week.....

The other element, is that this will be my last major and lengthy run before the Brighton 1/2 on 19th Feb, as I go to Turin for the Winter Olympics on Wednesday for 7 days.

I am lucky enough to be out there, as my employer, Easynet, is the Broadband Networking Partner for the BOA and Team GB. Therefore, I am escorting customers and staff to Turin to give them a little taste of the Olympic experience. As a result, there will not be much time for me to run. However, there are some unfullfilled childhood fantasies of running through the snow with a log on my back a la Rocky, but frankly that aint gonna happen.........

So, with the big one six tomorrow, a speed session on Monday, its a case for the next 10 days of just trying to fit in what I can...

Oh crap, how slack.........

Crivens, sorry everyone for not keeping you updated on my progress.

Okay, so I am now up to 14 miles. I completed this last weekend in about 1hr55, which is okay, however, I really had to pull myself around the last two miles. As a whole the run went well. It was bloody cold and I decided to wear my running tights........big mistake. I have a rule were I won't wear tights (so to speak) on distances over 10k, as I find them a real hindrance later in the run. This last run proved my point entirely, they were just annoying more than anything else.

So that has been my week, I have not had a run since, as there has not been time, but I have been doing plenty of stretching in the meantime. I am itching to get out again.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Only 14.2 miles to go.......

So I completed 12 miles yesterday, and I have to say I am feeling it today.

Yesterday afternoon I actually felt really tired, after the morning's run, and I didn't sleep too well last night. Plus, I don't think I really warmed down properly, certainly my quads are pretty there is another lesson learnt.......

Tiredness aside, I made pretty good progress., last weeks 10miles was pretty slow and I completed it in 45mins 10secs, this weeks 12, was completed in 45mins.30secs, much is certainly some progress. Aiming to do the Brighton Half in 1hr.40, so I aint doing too badly.

So, the rest of the week will be speed work tomorrow (legs permitting) of 8 x 400m at 90%, and then an 8miler home from work on Wednesday evening, two days rest (with plenty of stretching) before the 14 miler on Saturday.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I hate Sunday running.......

Just completed a ten miler. Well about 4 hours ago, but anyway it was a bit of a plod. There is just something about Sundays, that I hate. I think it originates from scool but that's another blog. I prefer Saturdays, as the atmosphere is generally lighter and more lively and besides you have all Sunday to relax before going in to work the following day.

Whilst I completed it, and felt comfortable, I wasn't running at my desired pace, and I just plodded along. To be honest I don't think I could have picked it up, I found myself in quite a slow rythmn after 20 minutes and that point my legs felt incredibly heavy, and there was no way I could have picked it up.

Perhaps the two speed sessions took their toll, as I pushed myself pretty hard during these, earlier in the week.

I ain't gonna beat myself up aover it, just move on. That said, I am still aiming for 1.40 in the Brighton Half and I have just signed up for the Fleet Half too, and my thinking at the moment is train to complete the FLM and hit the half -marathon targets.

I was so determined to do 3.30 in the FLM 2005, that I just fell apart really, and ended up finishing 1hr later than I really wanted to. I am still really looking forward to the marathon, however, its not a marathon to run if I want to set a PB or achieve a time. I need to go to a marathon with a smaller field, such as Rome or Dublin.

So another week passes and there is more training to be done. This week, while be another speed session and probably 6 miler midweek, a yoga class perhaps and then 12 miles on saturday