Sunday, January 22, 2006

Only 14.2 miles to go.......

So I completed 12 miles yesterday, and I have to say I am feeling it today.

Yesterday afternoon I actually felt really tired, after the morning's run, and I didn't sleep too well last night. Plus, I don't think I really warmed down properly, certainly my quads are pretty there is another lesson learnt.......

Tiredness aside, I made pretty good progress., last weeks 10miles was pretty slow and I completed it in 45mins 10secs, this weeks 12, was completed in 45mins.30secs, much is certainly some progress. Aiming to do the Brighton Half in 1hr.40, so I aint doing too badly.

So, the rest of the week will be speed work tomorrow (legs permitting) of 8 x 400m at 90%, and then an 8miler home from work on Wednesday evening, two days rest (with plenty of stretching) before the 14 miler on Saturday.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I hate Sunday running.......

Just completed a ten miler. Well about 4 hours ago, but anyway it was a bit of a plod. There is just something about Sundays, that I hate. I think it originates from scool but that's another blog. I prefer Saturdays, as the atmosphere is generally lighter and more lively and besides you have all Sunday to relax before going in to work the following day.

Whilst I completed it, and felt comfortable, I wasn't running at my desired pace, and I just plodded along. To be honest I don't think I could have picked it up, I found myself in quite a slow rythmn after 20 minutes and that point my legs felt incredibly heavy, and there was no way I could have picked it up.

Perhaps the two speed sessions took their toll, as I pushed myself pretty hard during these, earlier in the week.

I ain't gonna beat myself up aover it, just move on. That said, I am still aiming for 1.40 in the Brighton Half and I have just signed up for the Fleet Half too, and my thinking at the moment is train to complete the FLM and hit the half -marathon targets.

I was so determined to do 3.30 in the FLM 2005, that I just fell apart really, and ended up finishing 1hr later than I really wanted to. I am still really looking forward to the marathon, however, its not a marathon to run if I want to set a PB or achieve a time. I need to go to a marathon with a smaller field, such as Rome or Dublin.

So another week passes and there is more training to be done. This week, while be another speed session and probably 6 miler midweek, a yoga class perhaps and then 12 miles on saturday

Friday, January 13, 2006

Other FLM 06 bloggers...........

apologies for not linking you up yet from this blog, I will do shortly when I can find the original post on the Runners World Forum.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's been speedwork this week....................

So this week I have been working on my speed. Tuesday was an out and out speed session, 8 x 400m at about 90% HR, with 200m recoveries. Completed this down the gym, as I find its the easiest way of monitoring the spped and distance. God it hurt, felt a mixture of pain and rerlief that it was over. That said it was nice to have a break from plodding a distance out.

Yesterday, I completed a threshold run. Just 4 miles, but at about 7.40 minutes a mile, so I was going just about my fastest, I could probably do about 7.30, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't sustain that for much more than 4 miles. Pretty stupid in hindsight, however, it was a good break from work and I felt fantastic after that.

I have largely neglected speedwork in my previous training schedules, really because I was scared of exhaustion and the knock-on impact it may have on the longer weekend runs, however, after just these two sessions its nice to have a breaak from the routine. And besides, I know I can run at a faster pace, so here's hoping in the long term the speedwork will help knock of a few minutes here and there.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ok, so up to 8 miles now..........

Completed my first 8 mile run of the year yesterday. Here's the route: The only problem being, that I forgot to take my watch with me, so I have no idea how long I did it in but I estimate it was about 1hr.25/30mins.

Bearing in mind I wanted to do it in 1hr.15 that aint great, however, its good to know I can run the distance. Sue came out with me and was planning on doing only 2 miles but decided to stick with me so we both did the 8 miles in the end.

Now, I am very much a lone runner, its my time, in all honesty. Its the only really opportunity i get to spend 1/2/3 hours in my own company to gather my thoughts and ramblings. That said, having Sue with me meant that I dropped down to her pace and as a result I just plodded along behind her. I was well within my comfort zone throughout, however, it was good to know I could cover the distance. Now I am tempted to get a trainign partner for speed work as I see the benefits.

So thats the first big "distance" barrier broken, aiming for 10miles next weekend, with some speedwork and a 7 miler during the week.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The festive hangover.........

Blimey it kicked in today. Did a five miler as planned (here's the route: but about 2 miles in I felt absolutley knackered. I guess I am lacking sleep, probably not properly hydrated and still not eating sensibly.

Anyway I finished the run and felt great, so its positive all in and I feel ready to tackle 7 miles at the weekend and will probably just do a 3-4 miler in the meantime or a spin class.

Oh, and I've added a link to my account, so you can listen to some music whilst reading this fascinating blog........oh and discover some new music along the way.