Sunday, January 15, 2006

I hate Sunday running.......

Just completed a ten miler. Well about 4 hours ago, but anyway it was a bit of a plod. There is just something about Sundays, that I hate. I think it originates from scool but that's another blog. I prefer Saturdays, as the atmosphere is generally lighter and more lively and besides you have all Sunday to relax before going in to work the following day.

Whilst I completed it, and felt comfortable, I wasn't running at my desired pace, and I just plodded along. To be honest I don't think I could have picked it up, I found myself in quite a slow rythmn after 20 minutes and that point my legs felt incredibly heavy, and there was no way I could have picked it up.

Perhaps the two speed sessions took their toll, as I pushed myself pretty hard during these, earlier in the week.

I ain't gonna beat myself up aover it, just move on. That said, I am still aiming for 1.40 in the Brighton Half and I have just signed up for the Fleet Half too, and my thinking at the moment is train to complete the FLM and hit the half -marathon targets.

I was so determined to do 3.30 in the FLM 2005, that I just fell apart really, and ended up finishing 1hr later than I really wanted to. I am still really looking forward to the marathon, however, its not a marathon to run if I want to set a PB or achieve a time. I need to go to a marathon with a smaller field, such as Rome or Dublin.

So another week passes and there is more training to be done. This week, while be another speed session and probably 6 miler midweek, a yoga class perhaps and then 12 miles on saturday


Blogger Bedders said...

Hi. If you haven't done it, then Berlin is well worth running to get a PB - fantastic event.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Leighton said...

Hi Graeme! We all have days where our legs feel heavy and tired, the importsnt thing is that you got the run done. Keep up the good wrok with regards to your training.

12:26 AM  

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