Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's been speedwork this week....................

So this week I have been working on my speed. Tuesday was an out and out speed session, 8 x 400m at about 90% HR, with 200m recoveries. Completed this down the gym, as I find its the easiest way of monitoring the spped and distance. God it hurt, felt a mixture of pain and rerlief that it was over. That said it was nice to have a break from plodding a distance out.

Yesterday, I completed a threshold run. Just 4 miles, but at about 7.40 minutes a mile, so I was going just about my fastest, I could probably do about 7.30, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't sustain that for much more than 4 miles. Pretty stupid in hindsight, however, it was a good break from work and I felt fantastic after that.

I have largely neglected speedwork in my previous training schedules, really because I was scared of exhaustion and the knock-on impact it may have on the longer weekend runs, however, after just these two sessions its nice to have a breaak from the routine. And besides, I know I can run at a faster pace, so here's hoping in the long term the speedwork will help knock of a few minutes here and there.


Blogger andy from embsay said...

Hi - just keeping tabs on some other FLM06 bloggers - good to see you doing some speedwork - it made a massive difference to me this year - I've always just "gone for a run", but doing a mixture or hard and easy, slow and fast sessions has made me feel "trained".

Hope it goes well this weekend!

(3:15 or bust)

2:47 PM  
Blogger Graeme said...

this is exactly it. Like I have always just gone for a run. But this week alone feels like I am training properly. And besides it breaks it all up

2:22 AM  

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