Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oh crap, how slack.........

Crivens, sorry everyone for not keeping you updated on my progress.

Okay, so I am now up to 14 miles. I completed this last weekend in about 1hr55, which is okay, however, I really had to pull myself around the last two miles. As a whole the run went well. It was bloody cold and I decided to wear my running tights........big mistake. I have a rule were I won't wear tights (so to speak) on distances over 10k, as I find them a real hindrance later in the run. This last run proved my point entirely, they were just annoying more than anything else.

So that has been my week, I have not had a run since, as there has not been time, but I have been doing plenty of stretching in the meantime. I am itching to get out again.


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