Saturday, April 08, 2006

18 miles today..............

So the tapering started this week, though to be honest, I'm not convinced 18 miles was the right thing to do.

The official schedule stated 18 miles, however, I still think that is a bit far two weeks out from the FLM. That said, I did fail my 22 miler last week so I need that confidence booster.

It was a strange run today, one that I needed to do, but ultimately one I could have done without, as my legs did feel very tired.

Nonetheless I was pleased to do it, and its the last run big one before the big one, as I'll probably only do 10 next weekend.

Only two weeks to go.......

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So now the tapering begins.............

Aww crap...I've not posted for ages, so apologies for that, I just can't get used to the blogging malarkey....

Anyway, whats happened over the last couple of weeks...well the Fleet half marathon went okay. A great run this one, good field, great crowd and nice area. A good and largely flat course too. Seemed to recover quite well from this, where last year I was pretty exhausted for a good 2 or 3 days after. I must be doing something right this time.

Then there was the 20miler two weekends ago. That went fine. I floated through to 13, wobbled through to 15, then felt great through to 18 then the last two were pretty tough. So pleased to complete it though. Really made my weekend.

Then the big wobble this weekend. Scheduled to do 22, but for some reason hit 17 and my legs went. So pissed off. It was a strange run all in. To date all my long runs have been up to and short of Richmond Bridge, this 22 miler required me to do a mile beyond Richmond bridge, and psychologically that hurt. So by mile 15 I was really struggling, when there was no reason why I should. So annoyed.

So the tapering starts now, probably going to do either 16 or 18 this weekend, with some speedwork and a quick 6 during the week.

3 weeks out - it gets exciting now